Why read the whole bible?

“And the words of the Lord are flawless, Like silver purified in a crucible, like gold refined seven times” Psalm 12:6

If you haven’t noticed, the bible is a big book. No one ever reads the whole thing. You read half a verse a day until you get to numbers, then you just quit.

What’s crazy to me is that people can be deeply invested in the Word of God, but not even read it. The bible is the primary way God communicates with us. His word is perfect, and we are imperfect. So we read it not just for information, but transformation. However, the information is important. If the Spirit is in you, you will thirst after truth and after the Word (bible).

What we must understand is that not every verse is about us. Some people read half of a verse and try to see what is says about them. The bible is a book by and about God. From it we learn about God. There is an extent to which we can learn about ourselves, but the bible is primarily about God. It even starts with the words “In the beginning, God”

All scripture is God breathed and profitable (2 Timothy 3:16) so to accept some, but not all of it, it to have an incomplete picture of God.

For example, some Christians don’t like to read about the battle scenes in the bible. All they read is the sweet verses about love and kindness. As a result, we get this:


A very watered down, girly, pathetic image of Jesus. I mean, I could beat this guy in an arm wrestle. I don’t want to bow to some one I could beat in a boxing match. This is what happens, though, when we don’t have a full picture of God.

The truth is that Jesus was a homeless construction worker who was ugly (Isaiah 53:2) and got murdered.

The word of God is complete and perfect. Thirst after all of it.


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  1. Right on. I often say to myself, how can a person say they believe and defend the whole Bible if they haven’t even read all of it, right? Some people have this dualistic view of God: a harsh, tyrannical God of the OT, and a loving, forgiving God in the NT because they haven’t read the whole thing. At the beginning of every new year, my pastor always challenges our members to make an effort to read through the whole Bible, and I have been doing it for years. I use different versions, reading schedules, and One Year bibles, and think it is really helpful to at least once read through a chronological Bible.

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